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Posted by on Jun 30, 2020 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

More alive – Ealing Escorts

It started when I was fifteen years old when I had my first blood with my boyfriend. We did sex for the first time and become addicted to it. When we did make out, I did hypnotize by his smell. I did ask him what kind of perfume he used because I keep looking to it. Every time I smell it, I always thought of my boyfriend and had sexual arousal. I did buy that perfume and feel it whenever I want. It was my stress reliever and every time I am bored I smell it. Whenever we had to make into a bed, I always want him to spray perfume to add excitement during sex. I feel like more alive to do it.

It’s not a problem with me when I am not together with him, at least I have his perfume and having a fantasy all by myself. It is my definition of happiness; sometimes I cannot control it that even in school I have time to masturbate and smell it in the comfort room. I can’t go a day without it. I always make sure to buy of that perfumes many so that when it is out in the market, I already stock for myself.

I research the internet what I am going through, and found out in Google that I have a fetish. Well, it is not dangerous when you had control yourself. Fetish is a sexual desire to an object that made you sexually aroused. There comes in my life that I found out that my boyfriend is having an affair. I feel so emotional and depressed about it. I can’t just let go of our relationship right away; it was so painful for me since we had a promise to reach our dreams together. We have been in a tie for six years, and we know each other. We had built a lot on this relationship, and for me to move on I had to go far away. I decided to stay in Ealing. It was a place in London and decided to continue my studies. Even though I and my ex-boyfriend part ways, I still had kept to my habit. Perhaps, it is difficult for me to stop smelling the specific perfume, and it has been part of my life. Through the years, I had slowly forgotten my love and continue my life. Nobody knows what I am addicted to since I am afraid to be judged by other people. I did finish my college in Ealing and decided not to go back to America and bought a home here. I audition myself to become an Ealing Escorts from, there are many times I am tempted to make out of love, but I did control myself. I go to a silent place and do my own thing. I am happy in my life, single and had a fun work. Even though time will come I will be judged with it; I won’t be shy about having a fetish since it is a life saver for me.


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