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Posted by on Nov 28, 2019 in Escorts, Uncategorized | 0 comments

We date all sorts of gents at London escorts

I must admit that I prefer to date more senior gents. There is something special about them, and I think that they are a lot more fun to be with at the same time. Young guys are only after one thing, but senior gents would like you to have some fun in different ways as well. That is what I like about dating senior gents.

One of the gents that I date at London escorts has got his own river cruiser on the Thames and loves to take me for boat rides on the river. Before I met him, I had never been to Henley before, but he has taken me to loads of exciting places on the River Thames. Actually, I did not know that it was so much fun messing around on the river. Now I am really into it and I am always looking forward to our dates.

Another one of my favorite gents is really into collecting antiques. At first I thought he was kind of funny to ask me to come to auctions with him, but I like it now. Some of my friends at London escorts think that I am kind of weird for wanting to hang out with him, but I have learned a lot about old stuff as I like to say. You can certainly pack your home high with stuff from IKEA if you like, but I have learned that there is a different way to decorate as well. I have to say that I have spent some of my earnings on antique bits and pieces.

One of my absolute favorite gents at London escorts is an organic farmer at the weekends. He always drives out to Hampshire on the weekends and loves to spend time on his little farm. The first time he invited me out there, I thought he was going to be one of this people who had somebody else do everything for him, but that is not true at all. He genuinely loves his animals and he is passionate about organic farming. During the week, he has a manager who looks after the place, but during the weekend, he is always there.

All in all, I think that my senior gents at London escorts have a more personality than my younger ones. Yes, it is okay to go out on party dates and stuff like that, but it is not the same as being around gents who have got something to share with you. I love it, and whenever I have a chance, I say to the reception that I would rather date a senior gent. The probably think that I am a bit weird as well, but to be fair to them, I think that many of the girls on the reception have a certain soft spot for senior gents at the same time. They are always so polite when they speak to the girls who look after us all.

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