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Posted by on Oct 15, 2018 in Escorts, Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Evolution of Pornography

Every single civilization throughout the history of time has been associated with porn in some form or another. It’s the nature of man to be attracted to beautiful bodies, enjoying all of the lusty and pleasurable parts of the human body that they can. If they weren’t drawing pictures on cave walls, exploring opportunities in brothels or drawing and painting nude pictures, they were lusting about spending time exploring each other sexually. According to Charlton escorts of

The art of pornography is a difficult subject to track through the eons, however. Most nude pictures weren’t as taboo centuries ago as they are today. In fact, classical art celebrated nudity, and the bodies of women were prominently displayed, and were made to be parts of the daily living structure of a wide variety of individuals. These days, pornography has devolved into “unholy” acts, as technology allows us to see more, experience more, and express ourselves more.

Cartoons, magazines and drawings helped pornography evolve through the ages. Initially, drawings and comics were distributed through magazine stores, until popular literature like MAXIM and Playboy eventually became mainstream magazine titles sold in stores- but still, they were considered taboo, and “bad.” However, the popularity of sex and sex titles made it possible for the industry to continue to grow and thrive throughout the years as more and more people turned to wild sex stories to escape their own melancholy.

The emergence of video revolutionized porn once again, allowing people to observe physical acts in motion instead of just looking at still pictures. Through the evolution of reel filmography that took place in cinemas to VHS tapes and now videos on the internet, people have experienced live action erotica in ways that they never had before, having a new perspective about sexual activity and fornication. These types of productions allowed people to make a living producing sexual films, explore sexual fetishes, and even create vivid story lines, giving more and more importance to the world of sexual gratification.

These days, there’s virtually nothing that can’t be seen online. If you have a fetish for women with extremely large breasts, or even exceptionally large butts, and more- you can find it online. If you prefer transsexuals, bisexuals or lewd sexual acts and favors, you can find that too! What’s more, these sexual deviants can even speak to you, and you both can converse and please each other in ways that would have been completely unheard of in previous times in history, making exploring sexuality and experiencing fetishes and kinks even easier than ever before.

While nobody knows exactly what the future holds for pornography, we can wait with baited breath for virtual reality simulations, or lifelike models and depictions that are more realistic than our wildest expectations. The only thing that is for certain is that the pornography industry will continue to thrive as long as people love sex, and sexual gratifications- and I know I do. Explore all of the options out there- you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for you.


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