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Posted by on Oct 22, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Getting over with my ex-girlfriend becomes easy with the help of a Maidenhead Escorts.

I’ve never been so in love as much as like this, it’s my first time to feel in love and go crazy with a woman. When I meet my ex-girlfriend my life has changed, my world only turns around to her. I made her my universe, my everything and didn’t think for a second that everything will be gone one day. I never thought that we would part ways, from all the dreams and plans together we made for the future, I felt like we are forever. But sometimes, our expectations don’t last, and it’s God way to prepare us for something better.


It was a loving and beautiful relationship we had. She and I become a best friend as well as a lover. She made me feel like I am the only one, and same to her. We are always together, in our six years in a relationship, we had known each other well. We understand our weakness and strength, and we tried to fill the things that we lack to each other. We become each other stand, through success and failures, we had each other to feel better. I plan to surprise her on our seventh anniversary; I save money to set up a nice dinner and buy a proposal ring. I want it to become a magical night, and something worth remembering.


For me, no other woman can replace her, so because of the assurance I had to her, I dedicate my entire life to her. She deserves everything in this world, and I want to be with her in every chapter of her life. I didn’t expect what she did, through the years she never lied to me until she met this new worker on her job. As what I’ve heard she was his mentor since he is not familiarizing from work. She told me of him for the first time, and because of full trust I gave to her, I did not ask much about the guy. Months pass it feels like she changes, she always said that she is busy with work, she texts and answers call seldom. We never see each other as often as before. I started to become suspicious but I let it pass by since it’s our anniversary. I told her the place, and she comes. When I kneel down to her and ask her “will you marry me” she is unsure and said no. She told me everyhthing, about her affair and run away in the place. Many days had passed, I went to Maidenhead to mediate and breathe fresh air. I book a Maidenhead Escorts, they are wonderful ladies and would make you feel happy. I am happy that in a short period of time Maidenhead Escorts fromĀ help me to overcome my pain.

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