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Posted by on Aug 20, 2018 in Escorts, Uncategorized | 0 comments

I booked a London escort when I lost myself after a tragedy in my family

Every one of us has a story to tell, whether it’s bad or good. My experiences in life are not easy at all; I have to stay strong for every challenge I need to face through. It’s hard, and I have to stay focus on my goals in life. Life difficulties are typical, they are always there to mold us to become a better person. They are still there to make our life worth to live, and better. Many times we feel unsure about our decisions, but when you have family at your side, life becomes more comfortable. Its good when you have someone with you, the family is the essential one. My happiness in life is only my family. I have no current girlfriends since I have no time for it. And so I believe that love will find you, and it will always come in the right moment. The family is my greatest treasure, because of them, my pains and tiredness disappear just the thought of them.


My name is Kevin; I am twenty-five years old and single. I lived in Chicago for all of my life. My family resides here because of the original house of my grandparents. Originally they came from Canada, they rent a small house, and because of life’s difficulties, it’s tough for them to pay the rent every month. Both of them have no stable job since they have not finished school. Perhaps that is why the reason, education is essential to me. It’s one of the way to success. Knowledge is critical in this world. After the death of my grandparents, they have received a notice about the inherited house. They are very grateful for it and flew away to Chicago. I was born and raised there; our life is not perfect but happy. To live a complete and harmonious life is everything. I could not ask for more aside them. Due to our difficulties I had to look for work to finance my studies. It so saddens my parents, but I insisted on it to finish my education. I believe that sacrifices and pains will come to an end someday. After many years, I have to prove to everyone that being poor is not a hindrance to education. I succeed and graduate from college. The best gift for myself and family. I was invited to work in London. I grabbed the opportunity because of the high wage. I left my parents with sadness in my heart. I am the only child, and it was our first time to part ways. I’ve been is sending them money for them not to work anymore, until I got bad news. Our home got robbed, and they have been killed. It was devastating since they had no strength to fight because they are old. I am frustrated with myself; I wish I had never left them. I was so lonely; I had no reason anymore to live. Every night I drink to forget everything, I decided to book a gorgeous London escort to accompany me. Her presence lights my feelings. She is a great adviser and has lots of wisdom in life. I find her very entertaining and so every now, and then I keep booking a London escort. I booked a London escort when I lost myself after a tragedy in my family


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