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Posted by on Jan 4, 2018 in Escorts, Our Escorts, Packages, Services, Testimonials | 0 comments

Are your sexual needs being met…

What do you do if your sexual needs are not being met? I have been with London escorts for a long time now, and I know that there are plenty of gentlemen out there who are frustrated and have not been able to hook up with their the right sexual partner for them. It is not easy to find the right sexual partner for your. But working for the most fantastic charlotte London escorts agency is kind of interesting, you certainly learn a lot about human nature.

I am not sure that we are all meant to meet our dream sexual partner. Some guys have really kinky sexual needs and I guess that is why some of them will never find the right sexual partner. I have told a lot of guys to try to control their sexual fantasies and some of the guys I have met at London escorts really do feel they need to act out their sexual needs. If you can only think about or have one sexual need, you may have a problem and should think twice about how you handle it.

Have I ever met a guy at London escorts who could have done with a little bit of help? I have met a few dates at another London escorts service which I used to work for and let me tell you that they had some pretty serious issues. One of them was a real pervert and I actually think that he could have done with some professional help when it came to controlling his urges. In the end I had to tell my boss that I could not handle hooking up with him again, and really no girl should be made to feel like that.

I have my own personal sexual needs, but I would not say that they are weird or anything like that. Most women tend to have rather sensual sexy fantasies and I feel that my sexual needs fall within that category. But I do know that there are some London escorts who really do have some extreme needs and not all of the girls find them easy to handle. Our dominatrix at the London escorts I now work for can be a little bit over the top at times.

If you have some needs which you are not sure of, it is a good idea to try to make sense of them. If they involve hurting others, you should certainly do something about them. I know it is not easy to learn how to express your sexual needs in a health way. Some gentlemen I meet at London escorts certainly find it hard to to talk about their sexual needs. It all depends on how we feel about sex in general. If we feel good about sex, we should be able to talk about it. But if we have been brought up feeling guilty about sex, we will certainly have a very hard time talking about sex. Remember that it is actually healthy to talk about sex.

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